How It Works

You program the Timer for the number of minutes of water flow and the number of minutes for the waiting time. After it is attached to your shower, the settings cannot be changed by any users. (See instructions for re-programming the settings.) Once the Start button is pressed, the full cycle must be completed before another shower can be started. (The water flow does not control the program.) The digital display counts down the minutes along with an audible sound to keep the user well aware of the time remaining for their shower.

Comparison Chart

There are four (4) models of ShowerTimers, three (3) of which run on a plug-in 12V DC power supply, one (1) runs on 6 AA batteries.
They are all very durable and suited for different needs. You can read the Testimonials from our customers!

 Model Power Valve Install Shower Limit Waiting Limit Valve Type Display Best Suited For
Standard 12V DC Inside Wall 1 to 12 min. 0-5 min. Nylon or Brass Digital tamperproof public areas/ADA compliant
Residential 12V DC Outside Wall 1 to 12 min. 0-5 min. Nylon Digital home use or known users
Heavy Duty 12V DC Outside Wall 1 to 12 min. 0-5 min. Brass Digital vandal resistant valve/public areas/group homes
Battery 9V  AA Outside Wall 1 to 15 min. 0-30 min. Nylon (3)Color LEDs home use or known users
  • The Timer is programmed by you and installed on the wall.
  • The valves are 'normally closed' and need to have the 'Start' button pressed each time to begin another shower.
  • There is no change in temperature or pressure from our units.
  • If the hot and cold water is left on at the end of the Waiting time, you still need to press the 'Start' button to get the water to flow again.

The Installation Instructions for each unit are on their respective pages on our website for your review. 

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