Reducing Water Consumption in Large and Small Facilities

When you are looking for new methods of reducing water consumption in your parks, camp sites, community housing, or public pools, find the low-cost solution at our web-store. While we are happy to help homeowners, we sell other products that are designed to accommodate busier bathrooms. At Sequoia Innovative Resources, we want to help everyone with their water conservation efforts.

Calling all Landlords and Property Managers

There is no reason that you should have to pay a high water bill, even when you have people using your restroom all day. For those of you who own a facility that has a public shower, we have a Heavy Duty Unit that is perfect for you. This item usually saves thousands of gallons of water.

Places like mobile home parks, campgrounds, health clubs, and public pools have common shower blocks that allow many people to shower at the same time. With this unit, the owners are able to monitor the water consumption that occurs. These are also great for use in rental properties where the resident does not pay for utilities, as well as in boarding schools and similar buildings.

The valve of these units is made of solid brass to ensure durability, along with the 12V DC power supply.

The Heavy Duty Shower Timer is $410.00.

Installation Instructions