Reducing Shower Times in Your Home

One of the easiest methods of saving water at home is to take shorter showers. At Sequoia Innovative Resources, we simplify this idea even more. With our timed shower valves, the only thing you need to do to reduce water usage is push a button.

 We supply the nation with a variety of timers and water cutoffs. Whether you are looking for something very standard to use in your home or a professional-grade timer to install in a gym or campground, our experts are always willing to lend a helping hand to your endeavor.

Helping Every Household Do Their Part

So many factors contribute to the duration of a shower, but we have a way for you to control all of them. Our Residential Unit is great for use in any home, hotel, or bed and breakfast. Whether you have a teenager that takes long showers or unexpected guests, our product is great for preventing water waste.

Its white polycarbonate cover looks great in any bathroom, and the glass-reinforced-nylon valve is able to last for years, along with the 12V DC power supply.

Our Residential Unit is available for $240.00.

Installation Instructions