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Lower Your Utility Bills

Lowering water bills for homeowners all over the nation is our main goal. At Sequoia Innovative Resources we sell shower timers for residential and commercial facilities. From saving energy and money, our easy-to-install devices are designed with conservation and time management in mind.

Building Ways to Save into Your Home

When you are remodeling or renovating your home, install our Standard Unit and be ready to rack in the savings. The sleek look of this product never takes anything away from your beautiful new bathroom, but it does help you budget your water consumption.

This model was designed with convenience in mind. The majority of this mechanism is mounted inside the wall as part of the plumbing, while the timer box is placed where ever is most suitable to you. It is made with a white polycarbonate cover, and the valve is fashioned out of glass-reinforced-nylon. This unit is available for $290.00.

Installation Instructions